For investment

For 15 seconds, our system will find best offers in internet on any product.
We will help you buy it cheaper or even get it free!

Our service solves two problems that will always be relevant — buyers want to save money on purchases, and stores want to sell more.

In one project we have combined the two objectives.

Without investing a dime in marketing we have already received a significant number of users, and the positive reviews and recommendations are a good proof that this project is needed.

Integration with major social networks and elements of "virality" allows us to quickly attract new users with minimal marketing costs.

Already beginning to receive connection requests from the Internet shops.

We focus on markets in the U.S. and Europe, but while testing the search engine in Ukraine. Nevertheless, she already knows how to work with almost all European languages. This will allow you to quickly enter new markets.

One of our advantages is we are not tied to a specific online shopping in the region. Our system finds all the vendors, finds they have the best deals and offers to our visitors. The service quickly adapts to a new region and creates the base there of their online stores.

Despite the complexity of the tasks the project is financed by own funds, but for more active development and access to foreign markets it is not enough. That`s why our team is interested in attracting investments.

If you have specific suggestions, please contact me and discuss the details.

Anatolii Stotskiy (founder)