Any technologies or business models can be repeated. People who are sincerely dedicated and focused on results, it is impossible to repeat!

We have set ourselves a very challenging and ambitious goal — to create the best search engine on the goods!

Such a challenge requires the solution of many difficult and interesting problems, so the talents on the team are always needed.

What we appreciate in others:

  • Professionalism, ability to learn quickly and teach.
  • To think and act in solutions, not problems.
  • A burning desire to do great things.

Now we need first of all the developers (remote):

  • frontend (PHP, JS, CSS, UX Design...)
  • backend (NodeJS, MongoDB, Highload systems...)

If you are not a developer, but feel that can benefit the project — feel free to write. If you are not ready to join but have ideas, suggestions, suggestions are highly welcomed.

Send your CV to e-mail. Write, why did you decide to work in a start-up, this job is not for everyone.

Let`s build a great business together!

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Anatolii Stotskiy (founder)