Google searches for all, we — only good prices!

Find the best prices on any product on the Internet,
will help you buy it cheaper!

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Why would I do that?!

We are a specialized search engine for products.

We find the best price on any product on the Internet.

We find shops, whose existence you were not even aware.

Will send notification of discounts on selected products.

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You can save $10 - $50 on one purchase!

No more browsing through dozens of pages of other search engines.

The service does not take money from the shops, so we equitable show all offers found.

Here you can learn about what products recommended by your friends and other users.

The most interesting findings, you will be able to store in a personal "Wishlist"

No longer need to regularly check the lower prices on the goods before purchasing — we will send you a notification.

We will not be able to help you if:

You don't know what specifically want to buy.

You need to pick up the goods in characteristics.

You don't mind the time to search for a suitable price.

You are a millionaire and don't like to save :)

But, we will be useful:

For solid savings on expensive purchases!

In finding good prices on any product on the Internet!

To search for novelties that are not yet on sale!

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If you are planning to buy expensive items — electronics, cars, real estate and more, you can save a few hundreds, and even thousands of dollars!

Interested in novelties that are not yet on sale or find a rare item? We will notify when they will be on sale and will save a lot of your time!

Want to buy the product even cheaper than it costs in the store? Just click the "I Want cheap" and we will try to arrange a personal discount.

Love to receive gifts? Choose any product on the Internet and put in your "Wishlist"

Invite more friends and will always know what gifts they will happy to receive!

How much is it?

We work as a discount club, but you can try absolutely free!

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The subscription price for access to the service is $1.55/month

You can save $10 - $50 on purchases!

One discount can pay for the service for the next 1-2 years!

Can save a few hours, or even days on a routine search of prices in hundreds of shops.

You have a new opportunity to get the right thing for free as a gift!

Out service develops at the expense of your payments, so we always act in front of stores its clients interests as the interests of Internet shoppers.

And you can always return the money.

We look all the available stores on the Internet

When found a suitable option — you can:

Buy it now

Use a link to go to the store or keep the item in your "Wishlist"

Buy it cheap

Mark the goods and we will advise on reducing the price or help to get a personal discount!

And don't forget to choose gifts!

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Have been looking for a service that monitors the prices of any sites - handy thing!

Sergei Chevychelov | Head of the design studio

One thing I will say, and perhaps most importantly — your project is useful. The online stores I use often and such a service would be very handy. Success PriceForMe!

Alexander Kozhin | Freelancer

I liked the fact that works like a normal search engine, but can easily be seen and purchased in an online store.

Inna Lyubota | Fellow of the Institute

We do service, which is used by ourselves and our friends. It is a great responsibility — to meet your expectations!

Anatolii Stotsky | Founder ""

Our goal is to make the site as simple and user-friendly, despite its complexity "inside".

Oleg Koprowski | Lead developer ""

Money can`t buy happiness, and purchases.

Marilyn Monroe | not Bad advice


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Now all purchases begin with!

We love what we do!